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Recent Publications:


A. Jalalinejad, H. Bassereh, V. Salari, T. Ala-Nissila, A. Giacometti

Excitation Energy Transport with Noise and Disorder in a Model of Selectivity Filter in an Ion Channel

J. Phys. Cond. Matter,  30 415101 (2018)


V. Salari, S. Barzanjeh, M. Cifra, C. Simon, F. Scholkmann, Z. Alirezaee, J. Tuszynski,

Eelectromagnetic Fields and Optomechanics in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

Frontiers in bioscience (Landmark edition) 23, 1391-1406, (2018)


V. Salari, F. Scholkmann, RLP Vimal, N. Csaszar, M. Aslani, I. Bokkon

Phosphenes, retinal discrete dark noise, negative afterimages and retinogeniculate projection: An explanatory framework based on endogenous ocular luminescence

Prog. Ret. Eye Res.  60, 101-119, (2017).


H. Bassereh, V. Salari, F. Shahbazi, T. Ala-Nissila, 

Perfect Quantum Energy Transport via Single Edge Perturbation in a Complete Network,

Eur. Phys. J. B  90 (111), (2017)


A. Tirandaz, F.T. Ghahramani, V. Salari

Validity Examination of the Dissipative Quantum Model of Olfaction

Scientific Reports 7 (4432), (2017)


S. Barzanjeh, V. Salari, J. Tuszynski, M. Cifra, C. Simon,

Monitoring Microtubule Mechanical Vibrations via Optomechanical Coupling

Phys. Rev. E  96, 012404 (2017)


V. Salari, H. Naeij, A. Shafiee,

Quantum Interference and Selectivity through Biological Ion Channels

Scientific Reports, 7, 41625, (2017).


Kapócs, G, Scholkmann, F., Salari, V., Császár, N. Szőke, H., Bókkon, I.

The possible role of biochemiluminescent photons for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) induced phosphenes and visual hallucinations

Rev. Neurosc., 28 (1), 77-86, (2017).


V. Salari, I. Bokkon, R. Ghobadi, F. Scholkmann,  J. Tuszynski

The Relationship between Intelligence and Spectral Biophoton Emission: Correlation doesn't Imply Causation

PNAS  ,113(38), E5540-E5541, (2016)


V. Salari, F. Scholkmann, I. Bokkon, F. Shahbazi, J. Tuszynski, 

The physical mechanism for retinal discrete dark noise: thermal activation or spontaneous ultraweak photon emission?

 Plos One, 11(3), e0148336, (2016.)


I. Bokkon, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, N. Császár, Gábor Kapócs,

The possible role of endogenous spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission in the formation of eye-specific retinogeniculate projections before birth,

 Rev. Neurosc.  27 (4), 411-419,(2016) 


N. Császár, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, I. Bokkon,

Phosphene perception is due to ultra-weak photon emission produced in various parts of the visual system: glutamate in the focus,

 Rev. Neurosc. , 27 (3), 291-299 , (2016).


H. Bassereh, V. Salari, F. Shahbazi, 

Noise-assisted Excitation Energy Transfer in the Linear Protein Structure of Selectivity Filter in Ion Channels,

J. Phys. Cond. Matter, 27, 275102, (2015). 


V. Salari, N. Moradi, F. Fazileh, F. Shahbazi, 

Quantum Decoherence Timescales for Ionic Superposition States in Ion Channels,

Phys. Rev. E. 91, 032704 (2015).



Book Chapter:

T. Hinterberger, C. Önal-Hartmann, V. Salari,

“Synchrony and Consciousness”  

Chapter 12, pp 229-246, Fields of the Cell, (2015).


V. Salari, M. Sajadi, S. Roy,

Ion Movement and Selectivity Filter Dynamics in the KcsA Ion Channels from a Quantum Mechanical Point of View,

Chapter 6, in Current Topics in Quantum Biology, Poznan University of Medical Sciencesm pp47-67, (2014).



Selected Presentations:

V. Salari, M. Ghadimi, E. Solano, M. Sanz,

A Quantum Approach to Face Recognition

Quantum Machine Learning and Biomimetic Quantum Technologies (2018), Bilbao, Spain 

V. Salari, H. Bassereh, F. Shahbazi, 
Excitation Energy Transfer in Quantum Complex Networks, 
ICTP, Hands On Research in Complex Systems 2014, Italy
V. Salari,
An Investigation of Trapping of Ions in the Selectivity Filter of KcsA Ion Channels“. 
Invited Talk, EQBS (2013), Poznan, Poland.
V. Salari, C. Brouder, A Review of Ultraweak Photon Emission by Living Systems, 
UPE 2013, Olomouc, Czech Republic.
V. Salari,
“Ionic wave propagation as a matter field between excitable cells”,
 Invited talk, Fields of the Cell (2012), Basel, Switzerland.
V. Salari,
“Cooling and Disordered Effects in the P-loop of KcsA Ion Channel Models”,
QuEBS (2012), University of California Berkeley, CA, USA.
V. Salari,
“Nano-Bio-Refrigerators in Excitable Cells”,
Quantum Biology: Current Status and Opportunities (2012), University of Surrey, UK.
V. Salari, J. Tuszynski, I. Bokkon, M. Cifra.
On the Photonic Cellular Communication/Interaction and the Electric Activity of Neurons in the Human Brain, 
EDALC (2011), Prague, Czech Republic.
V. Salari, Christian Brouder, “Ultraweak Photon Emisson (UPE) by Plants”, 
Fourth symposium of YBSS (2011), Oldenburg, Germany.
V. Salari, J. Summhammer, G. Bernroider, 
“Coherent Excitation Energy Transfer (EET) Along the P-loop of KcsA Ion Channel Models: Feasibility and Possible Effects on Filter Gating”,
QuEBS (2010), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.
V. Salari, Jack Tuszynski, Gustav Bernroider
“On the Possibility of Quantum Effects in Biological Systems”,
DICE (2010), Toscana, Italy.
V. Salari, Christian Brouder, 
Toward an Experimental Project on Biophotons, 
Third symposium of YBSS (2010), Amersfoort, Netherlands.


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